My LJ is like DEAD BUT
Tomorrow D and I are moving to Bournemouth. Oh my god it's happening. I can't fit all my books in the goddamn car! AHHHHHHHHHH!

Stressful work!
I need somewhere to vent and don't want to bug my boyfriend.

I'm finding work really stressful recently. A Team Leader told me, contrary to what most of us workers think, we are fully staffed in my place of work. Well, that may or may not be so, but lots of people (namely the younger ones - under 28 -which make up like 80% of the staff) often call in sick. I understand that in this scenario workers (whose day off it is) will be called up to see if they could cover a shift. If not, then in rare conditions Temp Agency staff will be called in but the home only has a specific amount of money to spend on Temp staff per month or w/e...

Well for the past 4 days in a row I have been the only carer on my floor, looking after and serving up to 15 people. The Team Leader is there too but they are busy doing medicine rounds and paperwork. I find this really unfair to myself and the residents who are paying £900 or over a week for the luxury of having to wait for me to get to them. On a half day shift I am supposed to get a half hour break. This hardly ever happens, when I do get a break inbetween care work (washing people, helping those who can't eat/drink by themselves/making breakfasts/light cleaning of rooms/changing soiled bedsheets) my "break" is having to sit down and catch up on all the paper work I have to do before my shift ends or else I will be expected to stay and finish it (unpaid time.)

There is a man who is bedridden and cannot eat or hardly move by himself and is on Palliative care (end of life care.) We (carers) are supposed to go in and offer him a drink (even if it is just a sip of something) every half an hour. When I am working on my own on that floor, this is physically impossible, as I have 8 other people who need partial or full assistance getting up and washing and dressing themselves. We are supposed to move him (to stop possible bed sores happening) in bed every 2 hours. Again, this is difficult as I have to ask my Team Leader who is often elsewhere doing Meds or seeing doctors etc or call another carer down from another floor (interrupting their work) to help me to do this.

I heard that the ratio of carers to residents is supposed to be 5. For the past couple of days when I've been own my own this has been 1 to 15. Apparently 2 carers whistleblew to CQC (Care Quality Commision - I think) about the poor level of staffing and I heard the manager and a couple of team leaders going on about it like it was some outrage and there isn't a problem.

*sigh* If this pattern continues in the next couple of days I will write a formal letter of complaint to the homes manager. If it continues on into early next year I don't know what I can do... It's annoying because I have offered to work extra shifts at short notice and also recently volunteered my time to escort residents to go Christmas shopping (these were unpaid hours) and I just feel completely underappreciated. To be honest the only reason I am staying is to do my NQV with the home (they're paying for it) them I am out of here. Davey and I are moving down to Bouremouth, as I have said before...

An update, of sorts.
A few things have happened since my last entry. What's been going on:

My mums church had a "free bring and take" day where you could bring unwanted household items, CDs, DVDs, books, toys, baby things, clothes and shoes and (small) furniture - as long as they were in good, working condition - and take what you wanted too.
Earlier in the day my mum and I dropped off a load of books I didn't want anymore (a whole load of my "doubles" of Agatha Christie books aheh...) and she gave away a bag of clothes. Then later on when it properly opened we went along with my mum's friend and picked up some bits and bobs.

I was only expecting to bring back some books but actually I only picked up "The Big Four" by Agatha Christie, which is one of the few of AC's I didn't have. Then I realised it would be good if I could pick up a few practicle items for when Davey and I move to Bournemouth next year, so I got for free:

1.) Two stainless steel sauce pans, a medium and a small, in v. good conition.
2.) A new (label still on) kitchen utensil holder.
3.) A new (label still on) air tight container (for nuts, coffee or ya know, whatever)
4.) Four gold Christmas charger plates
5.) A Dairymilk Caramel logo mug and a Kitkat logo mug
6.) A dish drainer. Yes, I'm so cheap that I actually picked this inexpensive thing up anyway. lol

Another of my mum's friends was there too and oh my god she had a suitcae and two bursting bags of clothes. I can understand she was going to send them back to her family in the Philippines but I just thought the amount she took (when I'm not sure if she brought anything to give away) was greedy.

My mum got some clothes, a couple of hand bags and some big ass shirts for Davey. It was pretty good.

ALSO, I have started my NVQ which is what I've been waiting for. As soon as I complete this bitch Davey and I are moving down to sunny Bournemouth. I can't wait to get out of this crap town. Oh yeah, yesterday at work was really stressful for me. It was the first time I actually considered whistleblowing my workplace to the CQC, but *sigh* I dunno...

What else? Well, I am trying to get rid of a whole load of books and clothes which I plan on trying to sell via TSUK but I need to take photos of everything, which is a bitch. Why didn't I give 'em to the church giveaway? Well, because most of those things I bought and I need to raise money for new furnishings and crap.

That's all I can think of right now. Not a lot really, just the same old plodding along. Peace out.

Poirot madness!
I really should use my Livejournal more, but I feel like a lot of the communities I joined and like are dead. :/ Well I will post in them anyway and see if someone is still there! :)

I am on holiday from work until next Thursday. YAY! I don't think they would be rude/desperate to ring me up because we have improved on number of staff we have now, but still... anyway! If they do of course I will say sorry, no, I am on holiday! XP

Wednesday was "Staff Appreciation Day" which made me laugh but still it was nice of them to think of us. We could either choose to go and have a (paid for) dinner and drinks in a bar/restaurant or choose from some gifts which were set up in the visitor's room. I didn't feel up to going out with my co-workers (but maybe at Christmas, if they have one then, I might) so I got a little box of Thorntons "Moments" chocolatess and also a BIG box of Thornton's chocs. Some people chose one of of chocs and a bottle of wine but not me, I'll have the two chocolates, please! Haha! ^__^ (Especially because Thorntons are expensive and nice...)

At the moment my favourite obsession is Poirot the tv show. I am currently reading "Poirot Investigates" (along with "Is It Just Me?" by Miranda Hart - I love her too!) and love it. I saw a necklace today in Claire's that is truely a Poirot necklace! I'm sorry I didn't buy it, but maybe I will go back and get it tomorrow... XD There is some strange moustache trend in fashion at the moment...

David and I are going to Bournemouth tomorrow, for two days. I am going to have a look in a second-hand book shop there. Can't wait! Also, we're going to play some more Magic The Gathering, wheeee! I'm happeh! :)

ETA: Oh yeah, last night D and I were watching some Whose Line and it had that sketch where Colin goes "BACKSTREET BOYS!" in a funny "bird" voice. Well, today in the charity shop I saw a book on Artic Terns and broke out into a huge grin because it reminded me. XD lol

A very book day.
Today was my day off work and so I went to town and bought 10 P. G. Wodehouse books that I've never read before! Nice!

Also my work rang up this morning (suprise, surprise) and asked if I could work all day tomorrow and because even though I guessed they would call I was weak I said yes. :( Oh well, it's all money in the bank...

Anyway! Yes, today was a very book filled day. I scanned a lot of covers for my website and was very productive. I even tidied up mine and D's yucky room but didn't hoover (whoops - it'll have to wait.) I made a book haul video on youtube and I tried listening to an audiobook but I felt a bit distracted. I think I was a bit down because I was annoyed at myself for saying yes to working all day tommorow. *slumps* Haha. Nevermind, comming weekend is my weekend off and if they want me to work I'll definately say NO WAY! I am allowed to say no after all...  XP

Today I saw the photos os Uncle Arnold's funeral. There were lots of people. I'm suprised my mum forgot to ask me to show her on Facebook... I forgot too, I'm a bad daughter. I'll show her on Friday afternoon when I get home early from work...

Went to a carboot sale this morning. It was a medium/large kind of area. I didn't get to have a really good hunt around because my mum and Gordon went speeding up and down the aisles and then were finished in no time, like they usually do, and were waiting (im)patiently for me in the carpark. :/

What I did manage to buy:
  • An original 80s/90s Russ troll doll, no clothes but gradient pink/orange/yellow hair and I thought he was cute! - 10p
  • A "Hotclub" black fabric strap watch with rainbow colour detail on the face. Really 90s looking! Seems never been worn. - 20p
  • Couple of books: Chuck Palahnuik "Haunted" (never tried his stuff but read the blurb of this and it seemed interesting), Kenneth Grahame "The Wind In The Willows" Vintage press, ex. cond., Helen Cresswell "The Secret World of Polly Flint" TV series photo cover, "Spooks" by uh, some people... I left it on the windowsill but it's illustrated really cool and I used to have it when I was little, I think... :3 - 10p to 50p
  • A purple velvet jewelery box - 10p
  • A vintage (70s, I think) apron with "American Snacks" and pictures of hamburgers, fries, milkshake on it hehe. - 10p
  • A black, small triangle kinda shape backpack, seems to be never used. - 40p
  • A little bronze coloured key, to use for a necklace. - 20p
  • A clear plastic with bubbles in the plastic soap pump/dispenser. - 10p
  • A little globe on stand, just a nice l'il decoration. :) - 20p
  • A Euro London (something like that, can't remember off top of head....) size S but actually quite roomy black leather jacket - £1!!
That's all really. I was supposed to be looking for homewares; cutlery, dinner set etc. but like I said I didn't get enough time! Oh well, I'm pleased with my junk treasures! I'm going to go to my local carboot when it starts up again in April. I can bike to that one. :)

Nice weekend
I have done a lot of work on the book section of my website today, so feeling pretty productive. I also went to town and bought some groceries and a laundry basket because we needed one in our room. I was getting sick of seeing dirty clothes on the floor, ick.

I'm thinking of sorting out my jewelery and taking pics of the stuff I don't want to put on TSUK. I have some nice clothes that I have never worn too, they could go...

Just enjoying this long weekend before my 7am - 9pm shift on Monday.

My neighbours have really loud sex (again) tonight so I yelled "SHADDUP!" and they went quiet teehee. I got nothing wrong with sex but please people I could hear you through my headphones even!!!

Cream Crackered
I've been waiting all week for Friday. Am absolutely knackered. I recieved my rota today and I have to work 7am 'til 9pm on Sunday. *slumps* Thanks for the short notice. Oh well. I have the following Friday and weekend off, so that's some commiseration.

Don't wanna think about work right now. I'm having some white wine and a bit of a chocolate sheep Davey bought me. lol I really need to work on my book reviews but hey ho, I'll get some done tomorrow. I'm really tired but D's having vodkas and I wish he would go to bed early but I know he won't and therefore I won;t

Wow I am so boring. Just felt like writing summat here, soooo.

Fell like watching some stand up...


New job.
Had Sunday dinner at D's parents house. Chicken roast and cherry pie for pudding, yum! *pats belly*

Starting my 2nd week at the residential care home tomorrow. Waking up at 5:15am again to get there for 7am start. Still doing my e-learning on the computer there. Thinking of completing as many modules as I can until 12ish then go downstairs to help with serving lunch. Hoping I can get the darn thing finished this week so I can (hopefully *fingers crossed*) get my rota sheet. I neeeeed to find out my work hours! Please give me early starts and not many lates, PLEASE!!

*flops in bed*

Just an entry to keep my transactions written down so I can remember what should be arriving to me. :)

Payment sent

girfan : £2.70 for The Spook House by Ambrose Bierce [14/02/12] Recieved!

xblade_fwendlyx : £5.98 for silver/green necklace [14/02/12]

pandorasblog : £3.75 for Optic Nerve comics #1 and #2 [21/02/12]

jemzamia : £2.80 for Gothic/Celtic ring with black jewel [26/02/12]

battyblingtrash : £3.50 for black/gold heart necklace [26/02/12]

inthemovies : £2.50 for daisy necklace [10/03/12]

thefadedsummer : £9.50 for recorded delivery of yellow cropped playsuit and unicorn t-shirt [10/03/12]

i_d0_be1ieve : £2.50 for beaded flower necklace [10/03/12]

to_my_wife - £8.65 for There's a Good Girl: Gender Stereotyping in the First Three Years and The Excitement of Writing [18/03/12] Recieved!

nanbob : £4.70 for vintage polka dot dress size 10/12 [22/03/12]

elisakate : £9.50 for Soulcal daisy dress and Wallace & Gromit complete collection DVD [22/03/12]

misstwokiss : £12.63 for Hawaiian pineapple print dress [22/03/12]

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